The Best Way to Use Google Music Beta From Outside the US

So Google has just launched their I tunes challenger that also adds on the web streaming to the feature listing. The single issue is that the invites are for the USA just – but there’s a way around that.

So that you can test if you’re situated in america or maybe not, see Yahoo may take a peek at your IP. To be able to obtain access to the beta invite page we desire to somehow get a US based ip address which will allow us in.

VPN to the Rescue – How to Fool Google Beta

So what we truly need is a middleman in the United States that may disguise our true location. The best method to do this really is to link into a VPN server. VPN stands for virtual private network and it is going to act as a middleman between us and Yahoo Music and let us to get indoors, when we connect to such a server. It really is that easy. Especially for IPad you can use e.g. PureVPN on IPad.

A Vpn link can be used to un-block lots of other solutions also like, so it’s really worth the small investment. Hide My Ass VPN that I use for all the unblocking I do has a 6 or 12 weeks package that’s super fast and straightforward to work with on both desktop and mobile devices. Mention that you can also just use an SmartDNS , but thats best for just watch TV online.